July 2018 Calendar Printable Templates

July 2018 Printable Calendar : Hey ya! How you all are doing? It’s the month of greatest victory and celebration. Its July! Finding you here is the greatest joy I have ever received, coz you are one step closer to freedom from your stressful and chaotic life and I will help you getting you there by presenting you the best July calendar template in different version and you can select whichever suits you the best. Its available in different format like- Blank calendar, calendar with all the Holidays, Creative kids Calendar, available in different downloadable format such as Excel, word, Pdf, etc.

You may be a regular user of these calendars or many of you are maybe coming for the first time by someone’s recommendation or self-motivation. So, let me tell you that you have come just to the perfect place, where you can find lot of calendar in various form and design at the same place. So, why wondering everywhere in search for them, when you can get all in a single stop. What are you looking at- lets getstarted.

July 2018 Calendar

“A gilded Cage is still a Cage”

Whether you remain in a cage with Iron bars or you live in a Cage with golden bars and diamond glittering. The cage is still a cage. This month of July reminds us of the freedom and independence as a basic human right. Independence not only from the invaders or rulers, but getting independence is taking the chariot of your life in your hand and not let some other person rule you. And you know these printable calendars are very useful in making that happen what said above. You can start planning your day in advance, write all your appointments and to-do in a single piece of paper, all chronologically and climb-up the ladder of success. Now you need not to be dependent on anyone and remember all your event and keep track of major things happening in your life.

2018 July Calendar

These printable 2018 July calendar beats the old tradition form of heavy calendar in lot of ways. With these you can easily just take a printout on a single sheet of paper which you can paste anywhere, be it your study room or office or kitchen, it’s multipurpose and way too much valuable. You can also carry these with you and keep a check on what to do when.

If you maintain a dairy then, you definitely know that it’s nearly impossible to carry it throughout the day. And when you sit in the home to write, then you have to focus too much to remember the things you thought of writing. If only you have these calendar with you, then you can easily write in it as per the events that touched you most and then write it in your dairy with peace and ease. Easy-peasy right?

This also allows you to do many sorts of things. The most basic things which you can do and will be discussed many times will be writing your appointments and maintaining your schedule. This gives room to remind you your priorities again and again and you will not be stuck in a situation of double date, if you will follow it correctly. :p, Also, you will develop a mindset of successful persons by planning in advance and can overcome the obstacle that may come in between your plan and current situation. You can also feel that your time is now properly sorted out and will face less fear of shortage of time, as you will have plenty of room to work, if only you knew what is to be done in advance.


July 2018 Printable Calendar

Just a little bit of systematic planning, can sort out the complex situation in life. Writing your plan for tomorrow and near by future can really get you what you want in life, which others people only desire to achieve. As, I have already mentioned above that you are one step ahead in achieving your freedom, what I mean can be clearer as you will go through this point.

You must have thought at somepoint in your life that, I wanna sleep for a bit more and why I need to get up so early for school or gym? Don’t I have freedom to sleep as long as I want it? Isn’t it so?  This is just an example, there are lots of more situation where we face similar kinda situation and curse the life being not the way we want it. So, let me tell you it is not how you see it. In fact, real freedom is when you can get up at whatever time you want, be it 7 or be it 10. Real freedom is gaining control over one’s life and not being obsessed with something. Isn’t it?

So, when you write all your to-dos in these calendar prior to the working, it opens up a whole lot of opportunity and also the mind suggest the new ways to achieve the same through the interactive solutions too.

So, get these for free now and download the best suits you. Start working now and get the most out of it.

June Calendar 2018 

Calendar 2018 July with Holidays

The only joy left in me are the Holidays that God has created for the sake of fun and enjoyment. According to me the most holy days are the Holidays. These July we have so many reason to celebrate and make this spirit free. The Holiday calendar incudes all the information about the different event falling in different day and the list of federal holidays too.

The important use of this calendar is, we are so busy in our daily life that we oversee the holidays list and when the day comes of vacation or celebration, we have no plan ready as we were busy working and forgetting to take some spare time to be with the person who really matters us most, the kids, parents, wife, friends, etc. We just sit idle on the day and vacations just pass away. So, I recommend you to see the weekends and holiday from prior and set your priority according to them. You can take the kids to the country side or you can plan a night camping too, and teach them some real wisdom which they don’t get daily.

Independence Day

America is great, because America is free.

                                                              -Dan Quayle

This great quote is said by Dan Quayle, 44th Vice President of the United States. The message is totally clear, as what he means to say, Freedom means you are capable of joyfully doing whatever is needed and we American are currently the Greatest Superpower and Greatest Economy too. This is such a privileged for us American to be born in such a country, where every other nation looks up and wants to be like us. This was the day when Declaration of Independence was signed and the liberty was declared as every person’s fundamental rights. We can’t be more joyful to share this wonder day with you. Happy Independence to everyone make America great again. Cheers!!

National Ice Cream Day

An Ice-Cream can lit up your day no matter how your day was. What more reason we want to get a treat of ice-cream, it’s National Ice Cream Day. This day we can truly enjoy the flavor of the joy, the essence of life, the most truly and amazing treat of life time- An Ice-cream treat. So, folks as it is falling on 22nd July, which is also Parent’s Day, don’t forget to give a treat of ice-cream to your parents and you can ask one too.

Parents’ Day

After celebrating Mother’s Day in May, Father’s Day in June, we finally got the Parents Day in July that is also in the same day of National Ice-Cream Day. This is generally celebrated in 4th Sunday of every July and in this month, we are going to celebrate Parent’s Day on 22nd July. Parent’s are the gift of God. And those who have it are so lucky, but if you don’t get one, never get low, The Lord choose to be your parents and take care of you personally. Just believe in the lord, and your path will be lighted.


2018 July Calendar for Kids/Students

We also present you to the July 2018 calendar specially made for the kids/students. It invites them to use this calendar by it’s interactive design and animation. Nurturing a habit in a person from the childhood remains till the last breath and if you are a parent then you can definitely judge maintaining a calendar as a daily log can help the child very much in his future course of action. Inculcating this habit from childhood will help them getting their work done as piece of cake. It will improve their memory power as well as their retention skill.

Print out this calendar now and teach your child, how to use it and see how far they can take it. Be a good example, because learning from the surrounding is the child’s way of grasping knowledge.

July 2018 Calendar PDF

If you are a very tech savvy person, and is technological oriented then we bring you this valuable source to fulfill your needs. This calendar is available in the PDF format which you can download from the given link in absolutely free of charge and instantly save it on your system or smartphone whichever you use frequently. This also allows you to send the file to another person whenever you want it.


 “Technology has no quality of its own. How we use it is what makes or breaks us.”

Click here for- July-2018-Calendar PDF

Download July 2018 Calendar Excel

If you ever worked on the excel then you know, this is the best format to save, store or analyze any form of data. So, we also provide you the Calendar in .xls format which you can run as a spreadsheet and even edit your schedule online and also protect it by enabling the password. Excel provides a lot of opportunity like linking your task with other files and lot more, but as we are not into that, we only need to know how to edit and maintain our daily calendar. All you need to do is to click on the given link to get started.

Also, Check January 2019 Calendar Printable for 2019 year.

Click here for- July 2018 Calendar Excel


July Calendar 2018 Word

Other online editable format that we can use is as a word file(.doc) file and it will work with any version of MS Word. It is best for the person who don’t want to make things complicated by using excel or pdf format and wants to keep things quite simple. As MS Word is very easy to use, easily editable, frequently shareable and most importantly, the interface will allow you to edit thing the way you like it. You can change the font, color, size, design and lot more.

All you have to do is just to click on the link below and the download will automatically start. If it doesn’t get started, then, simply right click on the link and select save as. Choose your destination folder to save and once downloaded get started.

Click here for- July 2018 Calendar Word

July 2018 Blank Calendar

Seeing Is Believing 

If you really want to achieve big in life, then you must believe in your thought and convince yourself that you can do it. So, here we present you the blank Calendar in which you can write whatever things you want. It’s totally upto you and you can add a great value in your life by following these simple tricks.

  • If you are a keen learner and wants to add innumerable things in your brain, then just start by writing simple topics to read each day of the week in advance and then try to achieve your goal.
  • If you are an athlete, then you can use it as your track recorder as what is your target for the day and how much you achieve it. It will be a motivation for you to see how far you have come from where you started.
  • If you are doing job or are in business, then you can use to improve your performance day by day.

The uses are infinite and it’s You who has to make your life better and add value in it. Choose the method which you like the most and start working in it.


2018 July Calendar with Dates 


Another saying in Texas is, “Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die”. It suits perfect here, as everyone wants to get success, but no one wants to work towards it. As you my friend, come here in search of 2018 July calendar, you have definitely taken the step towards your success and no one is going to stop you from here.

Let me tell you a very interesting story to cheer you up!

Once there was an Old Pheasant and a Bull. Both were friend of each other. As the pheasant was old he cannot fly and used to sit on top of the bull. So, once the pheasant asked the bull, what can I do to fly again?

The bull answered, “You can try eating my shit”, the pheasant said, “what, are you mad, how can you say this to your friend”.

The bull replied, Believe me! Even the whole humanity is upon this.

The pheasant was somehow convinced, and started eating. In the first day itself, the it flew to the first branch and in a week’s time, the pheasant was on the top of the tree. Enjoying the cool breeze after a very long time.

Nearby, an old man was resting in his chair and he saw an old fat pheasant on top of the tree, he grabbed his gun and boom! The pheasant was on the ground.

Moral of the story- Bullshit may get you to the top, but it never lets you stay there.

So, what I want to covey you through this is the people may have reached to the top and it may seem demotivating to you, how easily that they got there. But if you also want to get to the top, then you must start working right (not the easy) today and in doing so these printable calendars are of great use and value.

Each time you complete a task just mark the date and in a week’s time you will be able to see how much you have achieved and how less far you are from your destination. It doesn’t let u rest, coz every time you are going to miss something, a blank will appear in your calendar, which if you will ask me, doesn’t look great. In the words of Fran Tarkenton, a one-time great NFL quarterback, “Winning means being unafraid to lose.” So, whenever you see a blank in your calendar, don’t get defeated, instead get motivated as, Failure inspires winners. Failure defeat losers.


July 2018 Calendar with Notes

These format is one of my favorite type of calendar format as it has space for the notes where, we can write whatever is important to use and see it as a daily reminder throughout the month. It could be a personalized message to self or it could be the target that is to achieved this month.

I would like to share one of my personal experience with you. I’m a hell of an oblivious person when it comes to wishing someone on their birthday, or anniversary. I even forget about my girl’s most important date, which according to her is her puppy’s birthday. Now in what hell, I was supposed to remember that. It was even on her Facebook, but not being an active user there, I forget that. And it was a very complex situation to get out, believe me!

So, from that I took an oath to not forget anyone’s special day from now onwards. So, what I do now is I write the birthdays/anniversaries in my monthly calendar and wish them first. It was a change that this calendar brought in my life and everyone is way too happy from me.

Get the most out from this Note calendar and use it and bring value in your life. You can too be the next Elon Musk, or the Silicon Valley Giant, who knows what lies ahead in your future. Be ready to grab the opportunity as soon as it comes to you.



So, as these part is coming to an end, I would like to mention that whatever you do in your life, use these calendars and bring a consistency and regularity in life. And in this context, I would like to tell you one more story.

Once there was a child of age 10 in the countryside, and a calf was born in his house, he was very fond of that animal and became his only friend. As the calf was new born, he used to carry him daily in his shoulder to the river side and comeback. As the days get passed by, the calf has now become the full-grown Bull and the child was now just 20, with a strength to carry a full-grown beast in his shoulder. To other people it may seem a work of miracle but it was very easy for that boy as in the past 10 years he did a job continuously, started from easy and what he can do now is a truly miraculous thing for others.

So, the key to accomplish anything is regularity in work, as what you practice daily becomes your strength in the long run. So, use this Calendar wisely as a daily tool to enhance your skill and make impossible things possible.

If you really like my work, then I request you to share it with your friends and families too. And I also request you to provide feedbacks and suggestion if you think there should be any, and I will surely look into that. You can mention the queries in the comment box below and I will look into that as soon as possible.